Funny how Seasonal Affective Disorder should use the SAD acronym…

The forecast is good, mid-20s Celsius. Sunny day.

I wonder how big my late friend’s funeral will be tomorrow morning? The family have asked me as a friend and as current Men’s Shed group President to speak of the Shed’s experiences of the fellow who was a member for between 6 & 7 years.

Covid restrictions are rather more lax than when we were in four months of lockdown, they allow 100 in the chapel & 150 outside, plus the service will be streamed.

I have trouble walking these days, & parking is at a premium in the area. Fortunately it’s just under 300 metres between my front door & the chapel, with either a rollator walker or preferably a single forearm crutch, I should be able to manage it.

It turns out that around about the time of my previous post, my friend stepped on a rainbow, passing peacefully from this world. He’ll be sorely missed by many folk, not least his wife of over 60 years.

Fourteen hours ago a friend called an ambulance for her husband (they’re both in their early 80s) who has been eking out his existence with home-based palliative care since opting for a better quality of life by NOT continuing with kidney dialysis.
His condition worsened greatly & last I heard he was in the Emergency Section of a big suburban public hospital. There will only be two reasons for him to leave that section: either a bed in the hospital’s Palliative Care area has been made available or if he dies while waiting for such a bed.
He and his wife have been making plans on a day-to-day basis for the last 18 months as his kidney function wavers & wobbles between a high of 11% and a more common 7% level.
The fact that he still lives after all his other medical conditions is due more to sheer stubbornness & bloodymindedness than to any medical procedure.

My mother is now in a nursing home, she’s been in for 6 days now, today was the first time she left her room.
Why? Because we learned that Mum’s oldest friend in this region (they met while playing A-grade tennis in 1951) is also a resident in the same facility. My sister pushed Mum in a wheelchair from one end of the 121 bed home to the other where her friend’s room is located.
We were very concerned she wouldn’t want to leave her room very often, this gives her incentive to do so, although it will be a lot easier if we get her an electric wheelchair.

Fixed. Syncing of my web receipts between iOS, Android & macOS devices via NextCloud re-established using The problem encountered previously was rectified by fully deleting the sync protocol with NextCloud itself & starting a new one.

I had been using NextCloud via 10C to enable me to save receipts from iOS/Android to the Web Receits folders on my MacBook Pro & iMac via NextCloud sync but something went out of whack with the process after I was forced to perform a clean install on the MacBook Pro. Some unknown process had been adding swap files exceeding 35 GB and growing daily. I restored from a week-old backup & manually transferred stuff from the old Home Folder to the new one, in the process NexCloud sync glitched.
So that’s not being used at present, but I’ll find a use for it later. My OneDrive has gained a Recipts folder which I use to add receipts made from my various mobile devices.

About 7 years ago, my brother kept the pine Xmas tree in his shed for no clear reason. Early the following April it was his 50th birthday, so we had a big shindig at his rural-residential home. All the neighbours had been contacted, letting them know to expect a bit of noise, we were permitted to continue until 3 am the following day, coincidentally the exact same time & day that Daylight Shavings Time was ending, at that hour the time would revert to 2 am.
Things were getting a bit raucous about 2 am when my brother decided to burn the old Xmas tree in the firepit (an old washing machine drum).
That was too much for one neighbour, he called the cops. Admittedly, the conflagration somewhat resembled a fireball as the tree was consumed by the fire very rapidly, it was more desiccated than just dry.
We tried reasoning with the constabulary that with daylight shavings about to end that we could continue to be noisy for at least another hour but they were not coming around to that viewpoint!

The use of the word “shavings” in this context is deliberate: daylight savings saves NOTHING.


Q. What is a New Year's resolution?

A: Something that goes in one year and out the other.