Bit the bullet, so to speak. I love Vimto concentrate but none of the shops around here sell it. I can get a version made for the Arabian market if I drive for about 45 minutes each way, but that version is not the same as the UK one I like.
Found the desired product on Amazon & the postage from UK is less than the purchase price if I buy the 2 litre bottle. And, even with postage included, the price per litre is line-ball with the Arabian product.

At a big nationwide office supplies chain they stock three brands of Android tablet: Lenovo, Samsung & a local mob called Laser.


Unskilled man fears he will lose job in recession.

screen shot 2019-08-21 at 09.16.21

screen shot 2019-08-21 at 09.18.40

2048 x 1536 on an external display

A bit complicated at present to connect my G4 PowerBook to HDMI, currently use a mini DVI to DVI-D adapter; a DVI-D to VGA adapter & a VGA to HDMI adapter. Amazon to the rescue, bought a mini DVI to HDMI adapter to do it all in one step.

Full day tomorrow. First my reward: for resolving a printer problem & setting up the replacement laser item, my 80+ friends invited me to a C&W artist’s show at a pub for “Morning Melodies” from 10:30am to 11:30am with lunch provided.

Which should give me enough time to get to a big PC User Group HQ where I co-convene a combined Mac/PC User Group news/assistance/chat session. That goes for two hours before I pack up my stuff & head north for the monthly Mac User Group Management Committee’s meeting.

We try to knock those down to two hours max but are also trying to plan next year’s 40th anniversary show for the group.

Beware of phone zombies. 75ff6fdd-b745-4e70-9569-7e45ee2b3508

In primary school we used to have flavoured jelly crystals in our sandwiches as a treat.

My doctor said now that I’m older I need to install a bar in the shower.