I always hated that song.


eScapegoat, with apologies to Rupert Holmes:

If you like subpoena coladas,
And getting caught in Ukraine;
If you’re not into diplomacy,
But you’ve got the best brain;
If you like raping teenage girls,
Beside the lights of the stage;
Just grant yourself a pardon,
And fly to Russia to escape.

Get your thinking caps on, this one’s a bit quirky.
Explain the following:

screen shot 2019-10-12 at 15.34.40

Because a partition has a predefined size. In a container, all volumes share the full space available. See this article: https://www.howtogeek.com/327328/apfs-explained-what-you-need-to-know-apples-new-file-system/

It mentions High Sierra, but the principle is the same.


Catalyst is the process of enabling iPad apps to work on a Mac.



I have achieved, without partitioning or using virtualisation software, two different macOS installations; Mojave & Catalina on one Mac.
How, you may ask? First I intercepted the Catalina installer, interrupting it & stopping it from going forth to do its deeds. I then used DiskMaker X for Mojave to create a bootable Catalina installer drive.
Next, into Disk Utility & add another volume to the existing Mojave volume. Restarted from the installer drive & told it to install Catalina on the new volume. This eventually happened, taking approx 90 minutes.
After booting into Catalina I set up my secondary (mostly used for testing) Apple ID. That done, I then selected the Mojave volume as the start-up source & now, after a slow start, it’s working OK.
My iMac has a 1.03TB Fusion drive & perhaps the slower bootup was the machine reallocating different apps & processes from the HDD part to the 32 GB SSD component.

That’s about the only thing that makes sense! BYO stuff for BBQ.


Received this doc: its title includes tomorrow’s date. From reading it one assumes the meeting is for Thursday (Oct 17) or Friday (Oct 18). There’s reference to a previous meeting on Oct 3rd.

I queried these discrepancies with a saner member of the committee. She says the meeting is tomorrow!

screen shot 2019-10-09 at 22.06.29

Did a clean install of Catalina on my MacBook Pro today.