Their search criteria is far too loose. Today I searched for a DVI to USB-C adapter. It kept popping up results for VGA connections, even when I restricted the search to DVI.
Gave up & bought one from eBay, it arrives tomorrow.

Commemorative 6600 mAh Powerbank arrived today, it's intended to celebrate 40 years of the Apple Users Society Of Melbourne. The usb-c & Lightning adapters are securely mounted in the body f the thing when not in use.

Challenge: Decipher the meaning of the logo.

New clothes dryer installed & working, old one taken away, along with the packaging for the new one.

Old dryer is outside now, awaiting tomorrow's collection/recycling by the company delivering its replacement.

SMS from dryer delivery company: Please expect a phone call from us between 6:30 am & 10 am tomorrow, April 2, 2020 to confirm delivery time.

Not really.


More often true than otherwise.


On Friday my tumble dryer died, it's an old 2nd-hand one anyway. Only rotates the drum for about ½ a second. Then won't restart. I visited a couple of retailers, neither had the one I wanted in stock, they suggested I buy online which would include home delivery for $55 extra & I'd be stuck with disposal of the old one, unless I paid another fee of around $40. Nope. Not going there.

Bought online, then received an email saying nil stock in the warehouse, please wait a few working days, we'll get back to you when we find one. Was also given the option to cancel the order.

Tuesday morning: no response, I cancelled the order, was notified of pending PayPal refund.

Went hunting for that same unit elsewhere. I found an online-only retailer which had recently closed all 22 of it's showrooms to become an online-only enterprise.
Paid $3 less than the first transaction, the thing will be delivered sometime on Thursday. Free delivery; free removal of the old dead unit & free recycling of the new one's packaging.

Happy with that.

I was aware of the iOS client/Facebook tie-in. Thanks for the rest of the info.