I’ll not be doing cinematic mode videos, if I were to do that the 128 GB would be too small, but 128 GH is still fine.


Order placed: 128 GB iPhone 13 Mini. I’ll recoup 21.3% of the cost by returning my SE 2 as a trade-in. Delivery due on Sept 27th.


18-month old iPhone SE is already down to 90% battery. It’s valued as AU$255 when used as a trade-in on an iPhone 13 Mini, total price of $944 is applicable. The attachment shows which iPhones are now available.


It’s a small world.
Going back about 13 years, I was sent to assist a co-worker who I’d not met until then. He looked a bit familiar so I asked if he was knew a certain couple whose post-retirement life story I related. He said it matched the story of his uncle & aunt. Then he asked how I knew them. Simple, says I. Your uncle was the best man at my parents’ wedding.

Zeus’ Bunghole is my new retro Afro-punk electro-folk Slayer cover band.

I found that I have been happier since I changed from coffee in the morning to orange juice. My doctor explained that it's the vitamin C and natural sugars but I really think it's the vodka…

A brief overview of Calyx OS on a Google Pixel phone. Fascinating. https://youtu.be/qTtgzNGRAfA