Communication breakdown.tree_swing_70s

Looks liken there is something hinky with the TB3/DVI adapter: I'm no longer getting the ghosting issues now that I'm using the USB 2 DisplayLink adapter.

Same problems when hooked up to a TB 3-fitted MacBook Pro. I'm about to try using a USB 2 DisplayLink external video card.

Damn. We’re back in lockdown for six weeks as of midnight tomorrow. Residents in affected areas will be barred from leaving their homes for any purpose other than work, food, exercise or medical care. Retail businesses will remain open subject to density limits, markets will be for food and drink only and hairdressers will remain open.

The results are in, I have failed my Covid-19 test. They were looking for evidence of the virus & didn't find any sign of it in my samples.

The monitor has a cable that attaches to a computer via DVI, USB 2 & FW 400 (there are 2 FW & 2 USB 2 ports on the back) & the power connection is DC via a transformer pack which has a low-profile power connection. From the iMac, I used a direct Thunderbolt 3 to DVI adapter. The two PowerBooks are a bit different, the 15-inch has a full DVI port, the 12-in uses a mini DVI to DVI adapter cable.
So apart from the way DVI connects to the various Macs used, yes, the same cable was used in all cases.acd

Yep, my playlists sync just fine across three Macs & five iOS thingies, although two of the latter have been decommissioned as newer versions of the same type were bought.


I moved it back into the loungeroom & attached a pair of G4 PowerBooks, and each worked just fine, no trace of ghosting.

I guess so, it's just when connected to an Intel Mac the refresh rate seems too slow. It was OK with the G5 PowerMac (before the video card stopped working). It's also OK with the various G4 PowerBooks I connect to it.

Two & three days ago I received text messages saying Covid-19 door-knockers were in the area letting people in this hotspot know of their options for testing localities. They arrived today at 11:30 am. My options locally were a drive-through facility at a recreation reserve or four ambulance-staffed popup stations in semi open-sided marquees. These four sites were at three locations. Two at the local cultural centre, one adjacent to a retirement village & another in a picturesque little roadside park. I drove past the retirement village one, seeing quite a few older folk queuing or approaching the queue.
Ignored that one & headed for the park. I had a massive queue ahead of me, three people. In & out in ten minutes.img_2063