Agreed: the new Air is an excellent machine. But I’d wain#t until they make a version with the new scissor action keyboard: the new 16-in MBP debuted that type and the next Air is rumoured to be coming with that style keyboard.


If you’re currently running Mojave, don’t use partitioning, that requires you to allocate defined space and is far less efficient that doing it automatically as is done with the new APFS volume in the existing container method. If your free space is limited, a basic Catalina install will only take 15 GB away from your total space.


That would work OK. I administer an iMac for a community group and it boots fine from an ext SSD connected via USB 3, also at 5Gbps.


Excellent, it connects at 10Gbps, which is the same speed as the original Thunderbolt from 2011.


My iMac has a dual boot setup on its 1TB Fusion drive. I used Disk Utility to create a new empty volume (with no size limits) and installed a Catalina to that. It only uses around 15GB if you stick to the supplied apps and avoid filling up the Photos & Music apps.
I also have a made a clone of the old Mojave setup from my MacBook Pro (which only runs Catalina) on a 500GB ext SSD, so I can still access my 32-bit apps.

That was a very fine eulogy. We’ve lost a mentor & a friend. RIP, Michael.

I wanted & needed to get sleep last night. But since coming out of hospital six weeks ago, sleep has been patchy at best. I'm seeing my GP about it today.
I slept very well the previous night, though.
While preparing my car for a pre/post Xmas trip with my mother as a passenger, I felt a very sudden twinge in my right hip, pain from which has radiated around to my lower back.
This sharp & continuous pain is why sleep mostly eluded me.

Thanks, Larry, I do follow & have read that beautiful tribute.


I'm sorry, Larry, the link comes up as access forbidden.

I hate this fucking weather, or at least the weather we had yesterday. It meant I was unable to get any significant amount of sleep because the outside temperature never dropped to a comfortable level until about 5am today. May have had around an hour of sleep, not good enough.