Subscription model claims another victim. Or FU, Fantastical devs.

Goodbye Fantastical app. You’ve gone subscription & the iOS app crashes when I try subscribing to a calendar. Plus I intensely dislike the new interface. I’ve been using BusyCal on the Mac for well over a decade, I’ll switch to the iOS version of that.

Enjoying a strawberry, raspberry & loganberry herbal infusion with my curried egg sandwich.

Physiotherapist today said he was pleased with my progress re tension in my shoulders, he said the area was a whole lot looser than last week. Then he checked all of my back, finding (immediately) the bad spots & manipulating those. The right hip area was the most painful. the left hip, & right shoulder had sore spots as did the spinal area on both sides about ½ way down. Used ultrasound on the hip/lumbar region, then more left shoulder poking & prodding. Next appointment Feb 28th.
As a result of the his manipulation of my left shoulder 11 hours ago, my left upper arm & upper forearm are quite sore, which he said I could expect afterwards. He's very good at his job.

Get BetterTouchTool app, then set up a keystroke command to use those keys for that purpose.

13 days since the last backup date. Normally I do them weekly. the system has 118 GB free of 250 GB total.

Bastard cat. Snuggled up to me, too close to the external HD that had just started a 16 GB Time Machine backup. Now we have to go through the “Preparing Backup” bullshit again because the furry shitbag caused the drive to unmount itself.

Today I deliberately downgraded a couple of apps on my MacBook Pro in order to demonstrate the MacUpdater app. This scans through your Applications folder for outdated apps and shows whether an app can be automatically updated or whether it's a manual process. I choose to hide MAS apps. Some other apps work fine but have updates that require payment, in such cases, you can choose to ignore the app or just that version of the update.

There's two versions of FruitJuice app: a two-week trial from their website then if you go ahead with it, there's a paid version on the Mac App Store for US$9.99. More info at

I've been using an app called FruitJuice to regulate/analyse my battery use on this 2017 13" 'Escape' MacBook Pro.