Cos you’re disciplined.

I'm registered as a patient with three separate medical clinics in this suburb but none of them had any spare appointment slots before Monday morning and earlier today (Saturday) I was needing medical intervention due to sore & weepy eyes, one eye being significantly worse than the other.
Headed off to the emergency wing of the nearest hospital, was examined immediately by a nurse, then placed in a queue for the next three hours whist awaiting the availability of a physician.
She diagnosed conjunctivitis, an bacterial inflammation of the eyelid & outer surface of the eye itself & provided with a tube of combined lubricant & antibiotic ointment to be applied to the inside of the lower eyelid three times daily.
It seems to be doing its job following the first application.
I'm avoiding contact with other folk as much as possible due to the rather extreme contagiousness of this affliction.

Plus less RAM & only 10/100 Ethernet.

I'm using a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Upgrade Cable FireWire 800 - STAE102 SATA adapter with bare drives attached, that way I can swap between drives easily. Although with the 12-in PB, I had to get a FW 400 to 800 converter plug as it lacks FW 800.

Raging Menace website says for existing customers their existing licence keys will still work with version 1.6 of SideTrack. You can't use it for more than 30 days without needing a licence.

Why would you want to boot from a USB drive anyway? My 2005 12-inch G4 PowerBook uses a laptop HDD for Time Machine backups & a laptop SSD for bootable clones. Both of these drives (used one at a time) connect via a FireWire 400/SATA interface.

I use an old app that ceased development in 2010, it was by and called SideTrack. I was a shareware driver for iBook &? PowerBook trackpads, I still use it on a pair of Pismo G3 PowerBooks & a Titanium G4 PowerBook. Using that app I could set up a hot corner for all four corners of the trackpad to replicate various keystrokes or mouse clicks, so in effect I could set up right (or control)-click using the lower right hot corner. This was in addition to horizontal & vertical scrolling & normal mouse clicks.

I should be OK to drive an electric vehicle.

I have a current licence.

SMS wasn't activated until March of 1996, by which time I'd started using a Nokia 2010.


What's awkward about that? All it could do was make & receive phone calls. Didn't need a display that was any better.