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Went to the library to escape Wednesday's heat, stayed home today with the aircon on full blast.


Forecast.io (aka darksky.net) says Wednesday & Friday will be very uncomfortable indeed. Ill be in the local libray, most likely.




No, what does not rhyme with oranges.


The trouble with having so many weather apps on my phone is that I don’t know what Wednesday’s expected top temperature is likely to be. One app says 34°C, another suggests 37°, yet another claims 40°. And Friday will be hotter again.
I can cope with 34°, 37 & 40 can go fuck themselves.

This memory foam pillow is excellent. Best sleep I've had in months.


Sleep eludes me, shoulder pain making life difficult. Waining for painkillers to take effect.

ALDI special but that started yesterday included memory foam pillows. By the time I made it to the local store today, they'd completely sold out. Not so at the store two suburbs away, though. Got on for my own use (might help the shoulder) and another as an Xmas gift for my mother.

Massage in the correct area is usually effective as the pain felt is reflected pain. There's a spot at the front of the shoulder midway inline from the collarbone to the armpit where there's a cluster of tendons just below the skin. My shower-head has a massage setting, I've just used that to massage the tendon area, seems to have helped a bit.
I'm about to tackle that massage job, using some diclofenac NSAID gel.


Well, this is right inconvenient. In 1989 and later in similar circumstances in 1996, I injured then re-injured my left shoulder in a couple of vehicle rollovers. Every so often it comes back to haunt me, as it has for the last few days. There’s a pinched nerve involved & it’s limiting strength & movement of the joint.