Apple’s charging mat is actually a guy named Matthew who goes around and plugs in your devices for you. They call him Charging Matt for short.

Hi, I'm Buzz Aldrin. Second person to step on the moon.

Neil before me.

Early start tomorrow, some basic gardening to be done. For Xmas, one brother & his family gave me three chili plants in a single big terracotta pot. In was unclear who the intended recipient was, and the watering for about three weeks was sparse, so the Super Bird’s Eye plant didn’t survive. The Jalapeno is looking a bit sick but the Habenero is flowering & producing fruit.

Today I bought an extra pot and a bag of herb & vegetable potting mix incorporating three monts worth of fertiliser.
Tomorrow morning I’ll transplant one of the survivors to a new pot & replace the potting mix in the original pot. They’re supposed to grow quite well in unshaded areas and they just aren’t coping at present.

Diet is not a word, it’s an acronym: “Dare I Eat That?"


It’s been suggested that the Aussie accent sounds the way it does because of the prevalence of bush flies. The little buggers can’t get into your mouth if you speak with your lips open but teeth clenched shut.


There’s a hydrotherapy pool at a council-owned sports complex 1.7 km away. The physiotherapist I’m seeing runs regular classes there, otherwise the pool itself uses the regular 25m pool for two different exercise classes of varying intensity. If I were to make two visits per weeek on a casual (walk in off the street) basis, it would cost $32 per fortnight, whereas an aquatic membership costs me $23 per fortnight & gives unlimited access to the three pools in that complex plus all other pools in the shire. Not that i’m likely to visit those others anyway, they’re summer-only .

Thoroughly sick of these Apple fuck-ups. The latest 10.15.3 Combo Updater in the Apple Support Downloads website links to the download of the previous version, 10.15.2.

Which is as much use as a diesel-powered wristwatch.

Incompetent fuckwads.

Precisely how my arthritic left knee got into its current state. I can’t walk far without a cane or rollator walker because the muscles around the knee have lost tone and can’t support it as well as they should. And for that very reason, I haven’t been able to exercise it with walking or cycling.

Started a physiotherapy program yesterday, five paid visits under a Medicare (NHS equivalent) Care Plan. A patient can have up to 5 paid sessions with a specialist practitioner per year under a Care Plan.
One session yesterday, another on Friday next week then the remaining three visits done at five or six week intervals. With specified daily exercises in the meantime. The aim is core strengthening & pain reduction.