Airy feeling

My policy with vehicle tyre pressures is to check them with every second fill of fuel. The latter having been somewhat rare of late, only one refill in April, and another on Thursday just gone. I also run pressures around 12% higher that recommended on the car's tyre info placard.

Remind me not to check my tyre pressures at the last fuel stop I visited. I felt the car’s ride to be a tad harsh, I put it down to my choice to run higher pressures.

Turns out the actual pressures, measured with a calibrated & accurate gauge were 25% higher than I’d thought them to be. The tyre gauge at that fuel stop were wildly out. I mean, 43 psi in the front tyres of a light car was as much as the recommendation for the front wheels of a well-laden 1-tonne capacity van on light truck tyres.