@streakmachine Sing along with The Strawbs: http://youtu.be/KdOCWUgwiWs

@streakmachine time to cash in on those sex tapes you've been hoarding?

@streakmachine That's a sick and twisted way of unemploying someone. Good luck with finding a new gig.

@matigo Sheep? Baaaaaa1

Tried accessing 10centuries on the 12-inch PowerBook. No response from Safari or Stainless apps. All perfectly fine with TenFourFox.

Why? Because the other two are not being updated & haven't been for about five years. TFF, on the other hand is in active development.

It's a painfully slow experience using Safari or TenFourFox to get the updates of TenFourFox from Sourceforge. That's where Stainless (a fork of Chrome for PPC & Intel Macs) come into its own. It's exceptionally fast & responsive. Against that, the interface is just plain horrid.

Did I mention fast? Cos it really is.

There are documented cases of people getting Stainless to run on Mavericks OS.

@streakmachine Poor fools don't know any better……

@jextxadore Same here, too. We're dooooomed, I tell you. A most uncomfortable night. We saw 43℃ yesterday afternoon (the forecast was for "only" 38 ℃). It's dropped to 29, at 5 am. I'm far from my best in such conditions & the feeling of lungs wanting to escape via the throat ain't helping one little bit.


// @streakmachine

@larand Ditto! Welcome aboard, chaps!

// @kdfrawg

@matigo Of course I've used it! Does what it says on the tin…….

// @height8