@skematica Don't bet on it. Mactracker puts the 2012 1.8 at some 30% faster than the 2011 1.6.

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@phoneboy In Australia the 700 MHz spectrum is used for 4G/LTE and 4G Carrier Aggregration which they market as 4GX. Telstra uses 20 MHz of the 700 MHz band & 20 MHz of the 1.8 GHz band for 4GX. Edge is dead. It accounted for barely 1% of network traffic.

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I arose (creakingly) from my bed & clumped to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of pain medication tablets and consumed two glasses of milk and a cup of strong tea. Back in bed I find a bunch of unconsumed pain meds in my pocket.


The BigPhoneCompany out here will be clising Edge/2G at the end of December this year. One of the other two carriers will keep it going until about this time next year. Minimal usage but in some terrain-and-distance-challenged areas it's all that works.
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@matigo We do have to be careful when talking of doing stuff on a Core i5 1.6 GZ MacBook Air. My 2011 11-inch has those specks as does @streakmachine's 2015 model. Yet performance-wise, they're poles apart.
On Geekbench 3 results, his is over 50% faster than mine.
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MacBook Air needs a new power brick. There are pins on springs inside the Magsafe thingie abd one of those is stuck down, so it can't participate in a charging circuit. The Magsafe connection is reversible, so it can still charge. Of course, this is the "L" shaped connection and the dud pin means it can only charge when fitted so the cable obscures the adjacent USB port.
Not happy. Not paying $129 for a new one (they used to be $79). It's eBay to the rescue. There's some in Sydney doing for $40 including delivery.


Back in the days when my back would let me use a bicycle, I insisted on wearing a reflective, in addition to bright LED head & tail lights at night. Got a couple of bikes, a 21-gear mountain bike & a 6-gear folding one that fits behing the car's rear seats. Reckon I'll pump up the tyres and try again sometime.
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@matigo Oh my, so it is.

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The main problem is that non-drivers don't have the benefits of headlights. Conversely they don't have the associated problem: lack of night vision. They can manage OK because they're adapted to the dark conditions and consider that because they can see OK, everyone else can too.

Clearly we need more snow. Dark targets stand out better against snow.

And my car, upon closer inspection is not black. It's a very dark grey with metallic flecks
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@hazardwarning I used to use TweetLanes on my Android tablet for ADN & Twitter. But the developer quit ADN & now it just a Twitter app. But it is quite a good one.