Vaulting over obstacles

I’d recently experienced 1Password issues on my iPads & iPhone, noticed since the recent respective system updates to version 14.1. Namely, the inability to view any entries saved on those three devices. The only way I had of seeing any saved entries was to use 1Password on my iMac, MacBook Pro or Android phone.

I checked with the 1Password Community online, but couldn’t find anything remotely close to the issue I was having. I used Twitter to query this problem & their prompt reply was to send an email to [email protected] quoting a certain case number.

This I did then thought I’d check which combination of vaults I was using, in case there was an anomaly somewhere.
This proved to be correct. Somehow I’d set the vault being directly accessed as the old iCloud one which had been used prior to setting up a 1Password account in 2019. The Personal vault on my account was chosen as the vault where new entries were saved.

Once I swapped to accessing this Personal vault, the “missing failed” login entry saves were all visible, as were recently entered software licences, which I’d also noticed had been absent while experiencing the invisible saving issue. I sent responses to 1Password on Twitter & via email to their support area letting them know I’d solved the difficulty & what my error had been.