Selfie tripod.

I modified the base of an 1080p webcam so it would fit a standard tripod mount, the plan being to use one of a couple of mini tripods to position the camera above the top edge of the screen of my 13-in MacBook Pro for use in video conferencing.

But neither of the two tripods was really very stable and the one with telescoping legs wanted to telescope downwards, not the desired effect at all. A new small tripod was needed.

Retail stores had come out of lockdown two days earlier so the local photo & electronics shop was open. I found a nice handy one (terrible pun, it’s a selfie stick) with a handle incorporating a sturdy wide-angled tripod with a Bluetooth shutter release clipped to one of its legs.

That remote release is positioned so it can be pressed while holding the tripod/handle closed or it can be worn on a lanyard if necessary. A wrist strap-style lanyard is included in the packaging along with a neat carry bag. There's also an adjustable holder to support most smart phones which had no trouble accomodating my 2020 iPhone SE.

In regard to the selfie componentry, there are six telescoping sections which all drop down into the handle. It measures 21.5 cm when collapsed & 100 cm at full extent.

I could have bought the same thing for $3 less on Amazon (Benro BK15 Mini Tripod and Selfie Stick) but it’s a US import & wouldn’t arrive for over a week.