Short-term memory

Phoned my Mum for Mother’s Day. Chatted a while, told her I’d see her when the travel restrictions are lifted. It’s not far, just over 40 km. But that’s unnecessary travel. Had a text from my sister asking if I’d contacted Mum. I answered “yes, about four hours ago. Why?”

“Because she doesn’t remember your call.”

My Mum is almost 90, still in her own home, gets help with her medication each morning as it’s now locked away. But council helpers don’t come until 11 am on weekends & that’s too late, her med are to be taken morning, noon & night. My brother in the next town has been on the unlocking schedule alternating with his wife and kids, aged 21 & 18, both driving their own cars now.

I can do my part but not until the travel restrictions are lifted. I’m immune-compromised & am taking this COVID 19 stuff a lot more seriously than others seem to be: the roads are getting busy again on weekends.

I'll be there on Thursday! At midnight tonight, a fifth item of permitted activities becomes active: visiting friends or family, provided there are no more than 5 people in the dwelling at any time.