Apple (N)One

Apple One is no use to me. Currently I pay A$119 annually for Apple Music & A$1.49 per month for 50 GB of iCloud. I may take up the Apple TV + subscription in Feb next year, if so it would be an additional A$79.99 annually. These add up to A$216.87. Paying for Individual at A$19.95 per month comes to A$239.40 and I’ll never use Arcade.

If I wanted Apple News +, that’s A$14.99 per month or A$179.88 annually. Add the services I currently use to News+ = $396.75 annually, or A$33.06 per month.

Apple One Premier is A$39.99 per month or A$479.88 annually. Sure, I'd get 2 TB of iCloud but 50 GB is sufficient for my needs. I’ll never use Arcade. I have no Apple Watch nor do I plan on getting one, so I’ll not need the Fitness workouts.

So, no Apple One for me.